Saturday, September 17, 2011


Adam really wanted to go bowling with his friends for his birthday party.  I happened to have a coupon for two hours of free bowling for 6 people - so we invited some of his friends and headed for the bowling alley.  I think this was the first time bowling for everyone, and they had a great time.  Here's all the boys watching as we got the scoreboard set up. 
 And then the bowling began!  Everyone liked to gather around the thingy that brings the bowling ball back.  I'm surprised no fingers got smashed!
 Here Adam is watching his friend Jake's ball as it rolls down the alley.  These boys really got into it - throwing the ball and spinning around.  It was fun to watch!
 Jackson wanted in on the bowling action as well.  I should have taken a picture of him carrying the bowling ball.  He, of course, had to do it all by himself - just like the big boys.  Scott tried to help the ball by giving it a little shove after Jackson plopped it to the ground.  We only had to have the worker come over twice to rescue balls that didn't quite make it all the way down.
And then we found this cool thing you put the ball on and send it down the alley.  That worked much better!
 Jackson waiting impatiently for the ball to come back up...
 We were at the bowling alley for a little over an hour, and didn't quite make it through a full game.  The games take a bit longer when the ball only goes 2mph down the lane (there was a speed clock on the computer).  But, by the time an hour was up, everyone was ready to go.  It's hard to wait your turn for bowling when your 5 and 6 (or 2) years old.  The boys all did very well taking their turns and watching as their friends played.  It was a really fun afternoon!
After bowling, we headed back home for Adam to unwrap presents.  It's fun to see how excited his friends were for him to unwrap the present they got for him...
 Then we celebrated with some cake (after a bit of a fight over who got to sit by Adam at the table).
It ended up being a really fun birthday party.  Happy Birthday Adam!

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