Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Adam started Kindergarten and a week later, had a big birthday!  He's growing up so fast!  I'm surprised how quickly the years are going by!  Scott had been plotting Adam's big birthday present for months!  He was so excited to get Adam a new bike!  Adam has become a pro at riding a two wheeler over the summer and it seemed like we had to raise the seat and handlebars every couple of weeks because he won't stop growing.   So, Scott picked out a new 20inch bike that we hope will last for a couple of years. 
On the big day, Scott came home from work early and Uncle Brian came over to help us celebrate. I walked over to pick up Adam from school while the guys waiting - so excited to give Adam his bike.  We had a little debate going over what Adam would be more excited to see - Uncle Brian or the bike.  We hid both back in the family room next to eachother to see what he would go for first....
 And the winner was...
 Uncle Brian - of course!  Adam was so excited to see him that he didn't even notice the new  bike sitting next to him until Brian pointed it out!  It was very cute!  They played and wrestled for a few minutes, and then Brian pointed out the bike, and Adam was even more excited!  Dad, Adam and Brian all took off for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  Unfortunatley, we haven't taken a picture of Adam on his new bike yet.  It's a little big, and it's very different than his other bike - there are hand brakes instead of pedal breaks, and gears shifts on the handlebars - but Adam didn't have any problems getting it all figured out.  He is now zooming around the neighborhood like a pro!
After the bike ride, Grandma Conrad came over for dinner, presents and cake.  Adam choose hot dogs for his birthday dinner.
Then he opened presents... 
 Scott and I bought both boys a soccor goal because they both love to go outside and play soccor - so Jackson got a little practice at opening presents for his birthday...  Adam didn't mind sharing a present with Jackson.
 We also about them each a new socoor ball...
 Cute brothers!
 Then we sang happy birthday and had some yummy cake...
Here are a few fun things about Adam at 6 years old:
Some of his favorite things are; pokemon cards, bakugon, Star Wars, riding his bike, wrestling with dad and playing soccor.
Adam is a great big brother!  He will play soccor or wrestle with Jackson.  They love to chase eachother around the house!
Adam is so excited to have a baby sister.  He is contantly rubbing my belly and giving her kisses.  He is still insisting that Jackson can go to Grandma's house, and that he will go to the hospital with mom and dad so he'll be the first person to see his sister.  We're working on it!
I am so proud of my Adam.  He has grown up so much in just the short week he's started school.  I am so excited to watch him grow and learn in the coming years!

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