Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Birthday Boy!

Two birthdays 8 days apart is like constant celebrating!  Scott had to work late on Jackson's actual birthday, so we celebrated the next night with Grandma and Grandpa Conrad, Uncle Daris and Aunt Rachael and cousin Robyn.  Thanks everyone for joining us for the celebration!  Jackson is such a fun kid!  He has such a funny personality!  He had lots of fun opening presents!
Daddy had to sit right next to him (He is a total daddy's boy lately!) 
 Then we brought out the cake.  It was hilarious to watch him sing "Happy Birthday" to himself right along with the rest of us!  Then he was so excited to blow out the candles, it took him awhile to actually get them out.  He just kept blowing and blowing (we should have grabbed the video camera!)
 Then he enjoyed some cake!
   A few days later, his real birthday present finally arrived.  I guess I should have ordered it sooner.  He's been having lots of fun sitting in this and doing up the seat belt.  This will be his new ride when we walk Adam to and from school.
A few notes about Jackson at 2 years old:
Jackson is such a talker!  He is constantly talking!  It's so fun to listen to him jabber away - and the really fun part is that most of the time you can understand him!
Jackson has decided he's ready for the potty.  He can take his diaper off, and wants to sit on the toilet all the time.  It would be awesome to have him potty trained before his sister is born, but he seems so young!  He often asks to sit on the potty, but usually just sits there and doesn't do anything.  I guess we'll let him do it when he asks.  I'm not going to hold my breath that it will actually take, but we'll see!
One of Jackson's favorite things is to play with his dad!  He LOVES to tease his dad.  They have this cute little game where Scott will say - "Jackson - guess what" and as quickly as he can, Jackson will shout "I LOVE YOU!"
Jackson really loves music!  Every night at bedtime, he wants to sing!  His favorites are "Jesus wants me for a Sunday", "Follow the prophet", "Popcorn popping" and "I love to see the temple".  He even sings "Sunbeam" right along with me, which is so cute!
I wish I could capature all of Jackson's personality here on this blog.  He loves to tease everyone.  He is just a happy kid!  His grin just melts your heart!  He is such a fun addition to our family!  We love you Jackson!  Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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