Saturday, April 24, 2010

One more funny thing from Adam

Adam is always making us laugh around here! This morning Adam went with Daddy to the gym (he loves to play at the gym while Scott works out). While they were gone, Jackson went down for his nap, and I decided to mop the kitchen floor - it was definately needed! So, I moved the kitchen table and chairs into the family room, swept and mopped and then headed out to the garage for my own workout on the treadmill. Scott and Adam came home just as I was finishing up, and walked in the house before me. According to Scott, Adam looked around and said "Oh, my heck - what's going on around here?" He then came out to the garage cleared his throat and asked me what I was doing and why all the furniture was in the wrong place. He wasn't happy until we moved everything back to it's correct spot.
Silly Adam!

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