Saturday, April 24, 2010

Campbell Valley Regional Park

After visiting the temple in Vancouver, it was such a beautiful day, we decided to find a park for the afternoon. We had a map from the hotel that had a nice green spot on it that we decided to go check out. We found this great park with lots of trails and bridges that walked you through the Campbell Valley watershed near the Little Campbell River. The trails were nice and wide packed dirt and gravel that were perfect for the stroller, which was good since we didn't bring anything else for Jackson! We had a nice picnic lunch and then hiked through the watershed.

We found this very cool tree - is it two trees that grew into eachother, or one tree that split into two?

Adam got tired part way thru, so he ended up on Scott's shoulders for a little bit. He's almost too big for this sort of thing any more!
He also found two great sticks that worked perfectly for walking sticks.

They also worked as drawing sticks when we took a break so Jackson could have his bottle. Adam drew pictures on the path and talked to everyone that passed by. He's a very friendly boy!

Jackson and I enjoyed the sunshine!
It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon together!

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