Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My boys

I included the picture below in Jackson's 7 month post. I was looking thru some pictures and found one of Adam in the same outfit.
Adam was almost 7 months old with this picture was taken. We were in Utah for the blessing of my neice Talia, and my mom bought both of her grandsons this cute outfit and a beautiful little orange dress for Talia and had pictures taken of the three of them. It was right before Easter 4 years ago.
It's so fun to remember Adam at the same age as Jackson is right now. Even better when I find pictures and get to compare how they are the different, and even more, how they are the same. How blessed I am to be the mother of these two precious boys!!


The Conrad Family said...

Oh I loved that outfit! All my boys have worn it too! Those were the cutest pictures. Kills me not to have another girl to wear that orange dress! It was my favorite!! You sure do have some adorable boys!! Love them for us!!

beth said...

what cute boys!