Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We have an awesome neighborhood! Our neighbor puts on a great Easter Egg hunt the Saturday before Easter each year. Adam had a great time once again! Here is the group shot before the hunt began. The weather was pretty nasty this year, so all the kids are bundled up nice and warm, and we didn't spend much time hunting. It all happened rather quickly! Not sure why Adam couldn't smile!! :)
Jackson enjoyed the hunt bundled up in his stroller. Adam even shared an egg or two with him!
Grandma helped Adam collect some eggs. Here's Adam with a basket full of eggs. I think the weather may have scared off some of the families that normally come. Adam had an overflowing basket of eggs, and he also managed to fill Dad's, Grandpa's and Grandma's pockets with eggs!
And here he is with all the loot emptied out of the eggs. He even won the big choclote bunny!
After the egg hunt, we joined our wonderful neighbors for the 3rd annual great easter egg coloring afternoon. Quyen found these great tongs for the boys to use. No dyed fingers this year!
It took a little practice, but Adam figured out how to use the tongs.
Jackson enjoyed playing with the tong packaging.
And here's the finished product!
We feel blessed to have such great friends to make memories like this with every year. What fun the boys have together!


Diane said...

Where did you find the tongs? We've been looking all over for those.

Fun pictures. I especially love seeing your mom with the kids!

Tammy said...

Diane - I'll have to ask my neighbor where she got the tongs. I'll let you know...