Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's a rock in my Stomach!!

Scott has been fighting the battle of a lifetime over the past couple of months. On Tuesday - he was finally able to declare victory, with the help of a doctor and a laser attached to end of scope!
Scott's been fighting a nasty kidney stone. It started right before we went on our anniversary trip. He went to the doctor who confirmed it was a kidney stone and gave him some pain meds and a little strainer to pee in too. Since then, he's had times when he's felt perfectly fine, and times when he's been in so much pain he's started throwing up. He was finally able to go in to see a Urologist this past Monday. She was quite impressed that he had endured the agony of the monster kidney stone moving down his urinary tract. It ended up being quite a large stone, and it was stuck right at the opening of his bladder. The doctor scheduled outpatient surgery for the next afternoon!
Thankfully, everything went well with the surgery. The doctor was able to find the stone quickly, and it broke up very easily with the laser. She was even able to collect parts of it so it can be analyzed to find out what it's made up of. Then Scott can change his diet accordingly, and hopefully not have to go through soemthing like this again! Scott is recovering nicely.
Unfortunately, we didn't get to keep the stone. We just have this beautiful picture to remember the epsiode. I am grateful that Scott is finally on the mend! We certainly don't need us both going thru labor at the same time! He's got 8 weeks to recover before it's my turn!!
The funny part about all this has been Adam's reaction. Scott has always been such a hands-on dad. Flying Adam around like an airplane, lots of wrestling and running around. During the past two months when Scott has been in pain, he hasn't been his normal playful self. We told Adam that daddy had rocks in his stomach, which was pretty fascinating to our 3-year old. Just about every day he would ask dad how his rocks were, and would ask to listen to his stomach so he could hear them. When we told him the doctor was going to remove the rocks, he wanted to make sure that we kept them so he could add them to his rock collection. He was a little disappointed when I told him the doctor broke the rock up into tiny pieces that we couldn't keep - but he's been very excited about the pictures. He keeps picking it up and looking at it and has been asking lots of questions! It's been very fun to watch his reaction to this whole episode. I know he'll be glad when his dad is all healed and back to his normal, playful self!!


Kristin said...

Yikes! I guess the positive is that Adam won't swallow any rocks, since he has seen the effects!

Amie said...

I'm sure Scott will have extra empathy for you now when it is your turn.