Friday, July 17, 2009

Twin Falls - Part II

I think I've mentioned before on our blog how much Adam LOVES his Uncle Brian. He was very sad that Uncle Brian couldn't come with us on our our hike to Twin Falls. So, the following week Scott called him and he agreed to go hiking with Adam and Scott. They were going to go check out a new trail, but got a late start and decided to go back to Twin Falls. It's such a pretty place, and Adam loved going down to the river and boulder hopping, so they knew it would be a hit two weeks in a row! Here are a few pictures of Adam and Uncle Brian exlporing.
I love this one - Adam jumping while holding tight to Uncle Brian's hand.
They did a lot of boulder hopping and got much closer to the bottom of the falls then we did the week before. I guess it's easier to boulder hop without a pregnant lady tagging along!! :)
Here's a dunk your head in picture. It was a hot day!
The water was COLD! I'm not sure if Adam thought dunking his head in was such a great idea after he was done!!

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Kristin said...

Cute pictures, the dunk your head in made me laugh!