Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Monster Waterslide

We had heard there was a waterslide at the ranch, and I thought Adam would love it - until I saw it! I don't think this picture does it justice - it was very long and very tall! I really didn't think Adam would go down it, but he kept insisting that he wanted too!

Since I was in no shape to take Adam down the waterslide, I convinced my cousin Matt to take him. The water was ice-cold!! This is a picture of Adam's reaction at the end of the first ride. Does it look like he would want to go again?Here he is once he got out of the water. Ready to go again! My brother, Nate, was nice enough to take Adam down the waterslide again, and again, and again. Nate ended up taking each of his kids down once, but Adam would have kept going all afternoon if we let him. We tried sending him down by himself, but he cried the whole way down! (My cousin's daughter, who is about 10 days younger than Adam, went down by herself over and over. It was very cute!) He loved going down - as long as he was with someone. Thanks Nate for taking him down over and over again!

Here's Nate and Adam running up the hill for the next ride down! Adam would jump out of the slide at the bottom and immediately start running up for the next ride.

And here they are at the bottom!

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Heidi said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! Is that Ensign Ranch? I've never been, but I'd like to.