Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Couch Family Reunion 2009

I feel so blessed to have come from such a great family!! My mom is one of 8 kids! Her siblings have certainly done their part to multiply and replenish the earth, and my cousins have been following in those footsteps as well. The results are a wonderfully large family!! Ever since about 1983, the Couch family has held a family reunion every other summer. I have so many fond memories of attending these reunions growing up, and the memories just keep on coming as the reunions continue to happen.

Adam and I took the opportunity to attend the reunion this summer. My Aunt JoAnn found a great place near Challis, Idaho (if you don't know where that is - it's basically the middle of nowhere - about 2 and a half hours northeast of Boise) We stayed at the May Family Ranch. It was a beautiful area!

Below is a picture of the whole group trying to get organized for the regular family picture. We had a bunch of people missing this time - there were about 75 attendees - at last count there are 118 family members.

I've broken up the many activities that we did into several more posts with pictures. We had a great 3 days getting reaquainted with those that live far away, and just playing around!

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