Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mill Creek Festival

Adam and I went to the Mill Creek Festival with our neighbors and had a great time. They had a fun kids area with bouncy houses and an entire section about fire safety. Adam was excited to get a fire hat, and to sit in the fire truck!
They also had a program about fires in your home. There was this cool trailer set up just like a house, and the firemen took the kids inside and talked about what to do if there was a fire in their home. Adam learned all about checking the door with the back of his hand to see if it's hot, crawling under the smoke, and finding a safe way out of the house. They filled the house with smoke, and all the kids had to crawl out the window. Adam thought that was great!!
They also had a super hero station. Adam got his picture taken with Batman and Robin (I'm not sure he knows who they are, but he still thought it was pretty cool!!)
He also got a picture with Mr. Incredible, but I wasn't able to snap one of my own and haven't been able to download it from the website they sent me too.
After checking out the kids area, we walked down to the other end and watched the dog competitions. It was pretty cool to watch the dogs do some big jumps into the water. It was a fun day!

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Laura D said...

I am glad Scott is starting to get better. How long will it take to recover? We don't want him to use this as an excuse at not picking a good football team this fall!