Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday, Grandpa!!

August 1st was my dad's 60th birthday. My mom and I talked for a long time about what we should do for his birthday, and finally just decided to do an open house. Some good family friends offered the use of their home, and we set to planning.
It turned out to be a nice evening. The best part was dad's reaction. We were standing there as he walked up the stairs and the first words out of his mouth were "Oh, crap!!". It was hilarious!!
The evening was pretty fun. It was great to visit with old friends from our ward in Kirkland. Nate and his family had arrived the day before, so Adam had fun running around with his cousins. Scott took care of the food - luckily his brother Brian was able to come and do most of the grilling so Scott didn't have to be on his feet the whole time as he was still recovering from his surgery. The food was delicious! I love this picture of the kids munching on meat skewers. I was surprised they finally took a break from chasing each other around to actually have something to eat!!
I am so greatful for my dad and the example he has been for me! I'm glad that Adam has had the opportunity to get to know his Grandpa! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

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