Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boys Trip 09!

Looking at the beach from our room!
A huge Shark! It was an entrance to a store.
Adam was very facinated by it....... The Last morning Adam and Dad took one last
walk to the beach so uncle Brian could sleep!

Well Boys trip 09 was a great time! Adam, Uncle Brian and Dad went to Ocean Shores for 2 days and we had a blast! The first day we got there around 6:30. After checking in, dinner and some groceries we made a late run to the beach, Adam couldn't wait. So we walked down and tried to see who could get the closest to the waves without getting wet. Adam would have won but he got wet! After going to bed late we thought we would get to sleep in but it was an early morning. After breakfast we went to the beach, flew kites, built sand castles, played soccer and baseball. Uncle Brian, (not use to getting up that early) was ready for a nap so around 1:00 we drove back to the hotel (you can drive on the beach at Ocean Shores). After naps we went swimming for a while and then made another trip back to the beach for another round of activities. Adam again went to bed late, around midnight. The next morning was a quick swim and checkout. We all wanted to stay for a few days extra but life was waiting for us. Yes Mom, Adam did miss you, he asked where his mommy was about every hour or two! Even when on the beach!

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