Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Cousin Fun

Adam had so much fun the first two weeks of August. Here are a few of the other things we did while Nate and his family were here.
We went to a concert at the Mill Creek Library. We saw Nancy Stewart, who is a great local kids artisit! This is a fun picture of Noah, Adam and Aiden dancing.
Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Adam slept over with everyone at least one time.
One day, they all took a trip to the temple. Adam loves going to the temple.
Another of my favorite pictures of the three older kids together. Not sure what they're laughing at, but it must have been funny!
We also went to a Mariner's game. Noah, who is Nate's oldest, loves the Mariners - and especially Ichiro. I guess that rubbed off on Adam, he's been talking about Ichiro - all the time!!Here are a few pictures from the game.
It sure is fun to have cousins. We were very sad to see them leave to go back to Evanston. Adam's keeps asking when he can see his cousins again. I guess we just need to work on getting them to move closer!! Thanks for all the great memories!!

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