Monday, May 18, 2009

A Spring day at the Park

We had a day to make up for Toddler Group because of snow this past winter. We were lucky to have beautiful weather, and we went to a great park - Farrell McWhirter park in Redmond. I fondly remember spending time in this park growing up. I remember climbing this same spiral staircase up into the silo and being as loud as possible. It's very echo-y inside! We had a great circle time with our toddler group friends banging on the floors and sides, marching in a circle and being all sorts of different animals.
Then we took a little hike. It was lots of fun with several bridges to cross and streams to play in. We actually took a wrong turn and ended up walking a lot farther than anyone expected. One of the moms in our group is very pregnant, so the extra walking was a little exciting for her! It was a beautiful hike, and all the kids (mostly boys!!) really enjoyed finding hiking sticks and racing down the path.
After the hike, we had a picnic lunch, and let the kids play. The only play structure was this one with two tire swings. There was a school group there as well, so once our group got a hold of one of the tire swings, the boys didn't get off! I think they took turns pushing eachother a swinging for a good half an hour.
It was a fun morning. The park actually is a working farm, and they have several animals. We were really lucky - another class from toddler group went the week prior, and there weren't any baby animals. We saw lots and lots of babies. I'll put those pictures in another post.


Kristin said...

That looks really fun! I sent your link to a friend in Kirkland to go check it out I hope you don't mind. fun pictures!

Sarah Ragatz said...

So blog list never told me you had a new post since "breakfast in bed." I just decided I'd look at your baby in the widget to see how many days you have left. Glad I did! Looks like you've had some fun. Good job to Scott on his scouting!