Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Scott's birthday was June 4th, and I didn't take very many pictures. Adam had been waiting anxiously for several days to give dad his presents, so we didn't wait very long once every one was awake! (Notice - Adam is still in his pajamas!!)
Adam picked out several toys for he and dad to play with - some water rockets, squirt guns and these great suction cup paddles and a ball.
They've had lots of fun playing - especially with the squirt guns, in all the nice weather we've had.
Uncle Brian came over and we had a nice BBQ for dinner. Scott got to cook on his new grill (that was his present from me!) We also celebrated on Sunday with my family and had another great BBQ! I'm glad Scott likes to cook out on the grill!!
We sure love dad and are so happy to see him everyday!

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