Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WTG Graduation

Today was a bit of a sad day. Adam graduated from Woodinville Toddler Group. I will admit, that yes, my eyes did well up with tears - but I'll blame it on being 25 weeks pregnant. We have so enjoyed the past two years of being in toddler group and have made some really great friends! I have learned a lot in the Parent Education portion of the group, and Adam has done some really fun projects that I am just not brave enough to do at home because I don't want the mess!! (driving cars thru paint, painting with golf balls, painting with fly swatters - you get the idea!!)
There was an outdoor theme today, and Adam spent most of the day outside "painting" the toys. (Painting outside with water IS something we do at home - quite a bit, actually). Here he is with his friend Caden painting the top of the little train. (You can really see how much taller Adam is than Caden in this picture. He is so much taller than most of the kids his age. Not sure where the giant gene is coming from!!)
We had an extra long circle time! This was a great song about cooking hot dogs. They're getting ready to explode with a big BANG!!
Each child got the oppertunity to walk up the stairs and everyone clapped for them. Adam was the second to the last one, and he sure was excited by the time his name was called! He was beaming!!
Each kid also got a little certificate officially naming them as Woodinville Toddler Group alumni. Adam was very excited to get his and has been carrying it around the house. I think we'll have to hang it up in his room!
And here he is - one last picture with teacher Tina.
Adam sure has grown up a lot this year. At the beginning of the year, he was so shy and would hardly talk to anyone. His speech has really improved, as he's continued to go to a speech class once a week, and teacher Tina mentioned how much better he is doing at expressing himself. He's even started talking more and more in circle time and contributing ideas for songs and things to sing about. It's been so fun to share this time with him the past two years, and it is definitly something I'm going to miss!


Sarah Ragatz said...

Adam looks so big! Oh, and according to you baby countdown (as of today) you only have 99 days to go! Woo-hoo, that's less than 100!

Amie said...

These are so cute! And congrats on the pregnancy.