Thursday, June 18, 2009

T-Ball Anyone?

Adam has been waiting, and waiting for this day to come! We signed him up to play T-ball about 2 months ago, and he's been anxious to start!! Well - today was the day! Adam joined his T-ball team - the HOTWHEELS (the kids got to pick the name!) He's on a team with kids who are a little older than he is, and most of them played last year as well, but we wanted him to play with his neighbor friend, Max. He did pretty good, and doesn't seem to be behind the other kids in skill level.
Here he is at the beginning of practice with his coach getting ready to run the bases for the first time. We're lucky that his coach is one of our old neighbors whom Adam already knows.
I adore this picture! I think the look on his face captures the excitement and joy that he's been carrying around! He loved running all the way around the bases!
And, here he is in the outfield. They ask the parents to help out at practice to keep the kids focused. So, Scott spent time out in the outfield as well. This is the fielding stance. So very cute! It was pretty funny to watch as most of the kids spent their time in the outfield playing in the dirt. Adam was pretty focused on watching the ball, but I think his dad had a lot to do with that!!
And, here he is up to bat. Adam's had quite a bit of batting practice playing ball with his dad. He loves to hit a ball that's thrown to him, but he did great hitting it off the tee as well. He got it on the first swing!
This is the team at the end of practice doing their cheer.
I hope Adam continues to enjoy playing teeball. He smiled all the way home tonight, and is ready to go back and play some more!


Sarah Ragatz said...

That is so cute. It certainly looks like he LOVED playing!

Da Queens said...

Congratulations! The girls love playing ball and they love seeing the pictures. Adam, good luck in baseball! Keep at it and you will not fail!

Heidi said...

Don't you just love having a child old enough to be in sports or classes.....basically any chance to take lots of pictures and clap and cheer! We went to Brielle's end of year gymnastics show a few weeks ago (a bunch of 3 year olds doing gymnastics..SO funny!) I love it! Just make sure you put your children in sports you don't mind watching. ;)

Donna Mae said...

This reminds me of Scott playing T-Ball. Brings back a lot of memories. How exciting it is to see his son doing the same thing. Great job Adam. Grandma loves you.