Saturday, June 6, 2009

Year End Toddler Group Picnic

It's getting close to the end of the year, so all of the fun year end stuff is happening. Saturday, June 6th, we attended the year end picnic for Woodinville Toddler Group. It's held every year at a great park in Woodinville called Cottage Lake.
Here is Adam with Teacher Tina - she was his teacher this year.
And this is teacher Debbie. Debbie was his teacher last year. (Not sure about that look on his face!!)

They rented a little train for the Toddler Group's 20th anniversary this year. A train is the schools mascot, and it sure was lots of fun to ride. Adam rode three times - twice with me, and once all by himself. He had to get in on the last ride before the train was packed up, and there wasn't much room for adults.
We also walked down to the lake, and Adam threw lots of rocks into the water.
And you can't forget the bubbles! Grandpa was trying to help Adam figure out these cool bubble wands.
We had fun seeing old friends from class last year, and playing with the new friends we've made this year.

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