Saturday, May 16, 2009

Woodbadge and the beach

In the fall of 2007, Scott spent several days participating in the Woodbadge training program for the Boy Scouts. A few months after finishing the program, he was released from scouts at church, but he made sure to have the ward leave him on the scout committee so he could finish his "ticket" and earn his beads. He was finally presented with those beads at our wards most recent court of honor. Lucky for us, the court of honor was held at Richmond Beach in Shoreline -and, it was a beautiful day!
My dad happened to be the Scout Master for the program that Scott participated in, so Scott asked him to present his beads to him. He did a great job filling everyone in on the history of Woodbadge, and presenting all of the different pieces to Scott. I got to stand up there with him and put all the new stuff on him. (Luckily, nothing with pins in it, so I didn't stick him once!!)

After all the awards were presented, there was supposed to be a hot dog roast. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the grill, but that gave us a good opportunity to head down to the beach and check out the water. I had never been to Richmond Beach, even though it's only about 15 minutes from our house. It's a pretty nice beach - pretty sandy, until you get right down to the water. Adam had a fabulous time throwing rocks in the water (really, what else is there to do??)
I like this picture of the wind-up!
It turned out to be a fun afternoon. I think we'll head back to the beach again for some more play time this summer - I'll be sure to bring water shoes since the water line is very rocky.
I'm proud of Scott for finishing up the program and becoming a fully trained scout leader. I'm sure he'll have plenty of oppportunities to use what he's learned as our two boys get to scouting age. He probably won't even have to wait that long!!

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Kristin said...

Congrats to Scott the super scouter!