Monday, May 11, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

I woke up Sunday morning (Mother's Day) to hear Adam saying in his not-so-quiet voice "Shhhhh! We have to make mommy breakfast", as he and Scott headed down the stairs. Adam had been looking forward to Sunday for quite a few days (I found out the real reason a little later in the day), and he was pretty excited to make mom breakfast. A little while later, the boys were back up in our room and Adam - with a huge grin on his face - yelled "Surprise!" Scott and Adam made me a lovely breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, toast and strawberries with Scott's famous sour cream and brown sugar sauce! It was very yummy! Adam was pretty fascinated about this whole breakfast in bed idea, so he decided he should get breakfast in bed as well.
It was a great morning! I feel so blessed to have this little guy in my life, and am excited and awed with the new little life growing inside me! Scott and I often say that Adam has left big shoes to be filled by his little brother! Adam is such a loving and caring boy, and he is so much fun to be around! He makes me laugh every day!! I miss him so much when we are apart! I am the luckiest mom in the world!!


Sarah Ragatz said...

What sour cream and brown sugar sauce?

Donna Mae said...

I too am the luckiest mother in the world.