Sunday, May 10, 2009

CHOCOLATE - what better way to celebrate!

This is the true reason for all of Adam's excitement on Mother's Day! Scott took him shopping to find a present for me, and after walking up and down every aisle at Target and filling an entire shopping cart with little odds and ends, the best present was found at the back corner. Scott said as soon as Adam saw it, his face lit up and he yelled "CHOCOLATE!!" (I think he may have inherited an unhealthly love of all things chocolate from me). And so, we are now the proud owners of a chocolate fountain, and boy did we all have fun smothering strawberries, angel food cake and bannanas in chocolate after dinner. Just look at this face! Do you think he enjoyed it?
Adam certainly enjoyed all the chocolate, and he was by far the messiest of the group when we finished up! Luckily - everything came clean in the wash - including the little boy!
We had fun celebrating mother's day with Grandma and Grandpa Conrad. As you can see Grandma and I also enjoyed the chocolate! (I had help splashing all the chocolate on my shirt - I'm not THAT messy!!)
And it sure was fun helping Adam get even messier! Chocolate kisses are the best!!
The final shot of the chocolate boy before heading up to the bathtub!
I really had a great Mother's Day! What a fun way to spend the day - with my great husband and son, as well as my own mom (and dad). I am so thankful to my parents for all they have taught me, and especially on this day to my mom! What a great example she has been to me and I feel priviledged to call her my friend as well as my mom!


Diane L said...

Trader Joe's sells a plastic bucket of little coconut macaroon cookies. They are to die for dipped in a chocolate fountain.

Chad and Barbi's family said...

It's a traditon in our family to do a chocolate fountain for General Conference. One more way to get my kids to look forward to General Conference weekend. Tell your mom hi. She is a great lady and so are you!

Laura D said...

Looks like a great time! I will have to send my favorite recipe!