Thursday, May 7, 2009

Curfew police!

I have to come up with some way to remember what Adam did last night! I'm still laughing about it this morning!
So, I'm in the Primary Presidency in our ward, and we were having a presidency meeting at our home last night. Scott was working late, and it was getting past Adam's bedtime. We wrapped up the meeting and the other counselor and secretary left and the president and I were talking. I suddenly realized that the front door was still open, so I asked Adam to close the door. He stood at the door and pointed at our Primary President and said "It's time for her to go home". We got a good laugh about that one and she finished packing up her stuff and we kept chatting and slowly walking down the hall to the door. Adam suddenly came up, took her hand and said "time to go!" and escorted her out the door. I guess he was done for the night!!


TheFischerFam said...

Sounds like something my boys would do too! Silly Adam.

Sarah Ragatz said...

Thats funny! I can see why you're still laughing about it.