Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome back AJ!

Adam's been asking for the past week or two when our elf was going to show up.  He couldn't remember the elf's name, so we had to look it up on the blog from last year and remembered that his name was AJ - for Adam and Jackson - poor Kate! (another good reason for blogging - huh!).  But, he remembered all the crazy things he did last year.  So, he's been waiting anxiously, wondering if AJ got lost, or couldn't come this year for some reason.
Well - when we got up this morning, AJ was sitting on the kitchen table eating some chocolate.  He left a mess of wrappers and spelled out his name with some of the chocolates.  Adam was thrilled!  Welcome back AJ!  Now everyone is definitely on their best behavior!!


Diane said...

I enjoy reading all your posts. Your family is darling, and your children are growing so fast!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Laura D said...

Your elf is so cute! I sure wish our elf would come back..... he is MIA.