Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas PJs

We love spending Christmas Eve together as a family.  It's fun to have a yummy dinner, read the Christmas story and talk about the different people that were part of the original nativity.  Christmas traditions are the best!  And you can't ever forget the opening of the Christmas jammies! 
So - here are the annual Christmas Eve PJ pictures! 
Here we are in our new PJs.  (Scott and Daris didn't need/want any new PJs)
 Cute Kiddos! (this was seriously the best picture I got with my phone.  I love how Robyn's head is swinging!!)
 Love this picture of my three kiddos.  Kate was so happy!
 Kate had fun sitting in this rocking chair.  She loves this rocking chair.
 Happy girl in the rocking chair!

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