Thursday, December 27, 2012

AJ: Days 20 - 24

AJ had some fun the last few days he's been at our house.  He didn't get in to too much mischief, which was nice!
Days 20 & 21: He hung out with baby Jesus in our nativity set.  I guess he enjoyed it so much the first night that he just decided to stay there the next night too.  We normally move him back to his shelf after we find him, but it took us so long to find him the morning of the 20th, that we just left him there.  He was in the same spot the next morning too!!
 Day 22: Adam did a fun unit at school where they learned about how the holidays are celebrated around the world.  He came home and shared it with us, and then asked his dad to add in information about Italy (that's where Scott served his mission), and then we talked about other countries.  I guess AJ heard us, because we woke up the morning of the 22nd to see that he had added the North Pole to Adam's book.
 Here's what he wrote:
Santa Claus lives there!
That's where candy canes are made.
That's where elfs like me make toys for good boys and girls.
It's cold with lots of snow.
Love, AJ
 Adam thought this was so cool!  He loved reading about the north pole.  His best comment - "AJ has such good hand writing!"
Day 23: Buried in all the presents!  We didn't put our presents under the tree, because Kate likes to rip into anything she can get her hands on, so they were piled on the desk next to the tree.  We found AJ buried there!
 Day 24: Sitting on the kitchen table with a pictures of Santa and the kids, and a cookie recipe.  We decided he was trying to tell us what kind of cookies to make for Santa.
 So, we made "Scott Manwaring's Chocolate Chip Cookies" for Santa!
Christmas morning, we woke up to find AJ was gone - along with the milk and cookies we had set out for Santa.  See ya next year AJ!!

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Debbie Gisle said...

And it is still, to date, the best recipe. :D So funny.