Friday, December 7, 2012

Kate's new trick!

Kate has suddenly decided it's ok to move on from scooting around on her bum.  She may learn to walk after all.  Although, I may be jumping ahead a bit - she's just started pulling herself up to stand.  Every chance she gets, she pulls herself up.  The only problem is, she hasn't figured out how to move her feet, so she often pulls herself up and then whines because she doesn't know what to do next.   I caught her on camera the other day being super cute.  She stole Jackson's apple, and was scooting around munching on it, then decided to stand up and try to share it with me...  Want some??? 
 It's super yummy!!
 Here's another cute pic from the tub.  She kept standing up and making these silly faces.  I kept trying to get her to sit down, but she was being so silly, I decided to grab the camera and take some pictures instead of scolding her!!
One more cute pic.  We were at an activity at the church, and I was sitting on the stage chatting with some friends.  Kate kept scooting closer and closer to the edge.  She just wanted to to sit like the rest of us with her legs hanging over... 

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