Friday, November 30, 2012

Family Pictures

We've been needing some family pictures since we hadn't really had any taken since Kate was born.  We did have some taken this summer, but I really didn't love any of them...  And the boys needed new pictures, and Kate hadn't had any professional pictures done at all.  So, when a groupon came in to my email box for a photographer, I snatched it up to give them a try.  I figured if I hated the pictures - at least I hadn't spent 2 or 3 hundred dollars!  Luckily - I LOVE the pictures!  They all turned out so great!  We met the photographer and his wife at a park in Edmonds in early November.  There were leaves all over the ground, and beautiful fall colors.  It was the perfect setting!  It's super hard to pick one or two favorites to highlight - so, here's a ton for your viewing pleasure!

 Adam kept throwing leaves up into the air over Kate and dad!  So funny!
 The photographer worked with Scott and Kate and I, and his wife took Jackson over to a pile a leaves and shot a few pictures of him!  It was so fun to see what came out of that!  She really captured his personality!

 Love this one!
 And this one - my guys messing around!!
 Scott is in big trouble!!
 Me and the boys!  Jackson is such a goofball!
 More goofy Jackson!

 This is one of my favorites!  Kate's face says it all!
 Adam begged the entire time for all of us to jump into this huge pile of leaves.  It was just starting to sprinkle as we wrapped up the session - this was our last shot!
It was really such a fun way to spend an hour!  Just messing around with the family while someone documents the whole thing!  Perfect family pictures!

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Laura D said...

I LOVE your family pictures! We need to have them do ours!