Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sleepy Jackson!

I know I've posted on FB about Jackson and his lack of naps lately!  I don't think I've written about it on the blog though.  Once Adam got out of school for the summer, it was a huge struggle to get Jackson to lay down for a nap!  Even if I laid down with him, he was so concerned that he was missing something that he just wouldn't lay still!  As the summer wore on, he got more and more tired!  Every once in awhile, he would stop moving long enough to get tired and finally give in to sleep.  Usually in a sitting up position.  See the pictures below for proof!
 watching Adam play Wii.  See the controller in his lap?
 Same outfit - different day...  Notice the peaches in the backdrop by the fridge.  Canning day!

 The car was always successful!  He can't move!
Classic shot in the car with sunglasses on!
More car!
on the couch!

 Even after Adam started school up again, he resisted napping.  Here he is on the way to trick or treating with friends...
 And the best one of them all - in the shopping cart while at Fred Meyer with mom and Kate!  I thought he was faking it - but then he started snoring!  He was so tired!!
I have finally been able to convince him to nap about 2 days a week, and that seems to be helping!  He still fights it, but if I can just get him into that bed and laying still, it doesn't take him long to fall asleep.  I just have to be careful and not let him sleep too long - otherwise he won't go to bed at night!

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