Friday, November 23, 2012


We made our annual trek to the mall on black Friday.  Of course, it wasn't to do any shopping or anything crazy like that - it was to see Santa!  Normally, there is no line, and it's an easy in and out.  Apparently, everyone has caught wind of my little plan!  There was actually a line and we had to wait about half an hour.  I was very disappointed!  Especially since Kate wasn't exactly feeling great, and I was hoping to be super quick.  My mom quickly pointed out that we were there about 2 or 3 hours earlier then we usually go (we went around 1:00 because I wanted to go in between Kate's naps).  So, next year - I'll be sure we don't go until 4:00 or so.  The mall was crazy at 1:00!
But - never fear - our mission was accomplished! The kids did well! Jackson made sure he didn't cry! He talks about this picture of Adam seeing Santa all the time! (Adam was 3 in this picture - the same age as Jackson this year)  Every time we talk about seeing Santa, he says "I won't cry, mom!" 
And he was right - he didn't cry!  He walked right up to Santa and talked to him and sat right next to him!  I adore the Santa at Alderwood Mall!  It's been the same man since we've been taking the kids there for the past 7 Christmas' and I know he's been there for much longer than that.  He is so patient, and kind to all the kids.  And even though there was a line, he didn't rush anything!  Adam and Jackson walked right up to him and he kindly talked to them while I brought Kate up.  Then he sweetly played peek a boo with Kate and got her to smile.  He arranged Adam and Jackson and then I handed Kate to him.  She fuzzed for just a second and then was fine.  I backed up and snapped some pictures with my phone, and then helped Kate smile.  Here's the picture the photographer got.  It turned out cute!
 They had a new Santa set this year, and it was so cute!  I love the little love seat for kids to sit next to Santa!  This is a picture from my phone showing everything!  Nice - huh!
Santa the day after Thanksgiving is a fun tradition!  I'm so glad my parents went with me - especially since we had to wait in line!  I love having these pictures to put up every year!  And it just means the Christmas season has officially begun!  (I've been listening to Christmas music since Halloween - but don't tell Scott!)

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