Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at home again this year.  We're a pretty wild and crazy bunch!  We enjoyed our fondue tradition.  Tiffiny and I decided to add scones this year as well.  Back when we were in high school, the church hosted a big New Years Eve dance at Bell Square Mall in Bellevue.  We would go with all our friends and there was youth from all over at the dance.  It was one of the funnest dances of the year.  After the dance, everyone would head back to our house, and my mom would make scones.  It was always a blast.  My mom says that there were youth coming into her home on New Years Eve that she had never met before and never saw again.  I think we probably invited everyone we met to come over.  How lucky am I to have had such great parents who opened their home to total strangers at midnight!  Anyway - Tiffiny and I were reminiscing and we both tried to remember when the last time we had eaten scones was, and we both decided it was probably back in high school.  So, we made some and they were just as yummy and we remembered.  These aren't those baked scones you get at the fair, these are really yummy fried scones.  They are so good hot with honey or jam smeared on top.  Yummy!
I didn't take many pictures, but couldn't resist these of Jackson enjoying the chocolate.  We didn't get the fountain out, just did chocolate fondue, but Jackson sure did enjoy it!

 This is how Kate and Grandpa Wallis spent the evening...
We celebrated the New Year at 10:30 with the boys and then sent them off to bed.  Everyone else left around 11:30, and Scott and I watched the fireworks over the Space Needle at midnight while I fed Kate before we all went to bed.  It was a lovely, uneventful night!  Happy New Year!!

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