Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Mutant Mouth

Adam seriously has the weirdest mouth.  Several weeks ago I was looking at him and noticed a gap in his top teeth.  I thought maybe he had lost another tooth without us realizing it.  After some investigation and counting his teeth, I realized that he had not lost a tooth, his teeth were moving!  He originally had a bit of a gap between his top middle teeth.  Well, one of those teeth was being pushed closer to the other.  I wish we had taken a picture of his mouth before the tooth came out.  By the time Adam let Scott pull it out, it was overlapping his other tooth.  Scott has been trying to get it out for a good week, but Adam would not let him get his fingers in his mouth. Finally, last night, Adam decided they could try the slam the door trick, and it worked.  I swear his tooth was only being held in by the gums surrounding it.  The tooth is finally out, and you can already see his permanent tooth growing in!  The other middle tooth is loose as well - hopefully it won't be such drama to get that one out!  I can't believe how huge the gap is in his mouth - He only lost one tooth, but it looks like there's room for 2 or 3 in that gap!  I'm betting this kids gonna need braces!

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Autumn said...

I doubt he will need braces. Their new teeth always seem huge when they come in. His new adult tooth will fill that space just fine unless he gets the Ames side and has the gaps.