Thursday, January 19, 2012

Miss Kate - Two Months old

It's hard for me to believe that Miss Kate is already two months old!  I actually ventured out to her two month check up this morning, even with all the ice and snow on the ground.  It was the fastest appointment I've ever been too!  I'm glad I don't have to reschedule like all the other million people. 
Here are her stats at two months:
Length - 23.5 inches (85th percentile)
Weight - 12 pounds, 6 ounces (80th percentile)
Head Circumference - 15 and 5/8 inches (90th percentile)
She's an inch shorter than her brothers were at two months, and weighs a pound less than Adam and two pounds less than Jackson did. 
Poor third child - there haven't been a lot of pictures taken of her.  We did take several pictures last night, trying to capture her beautiful smile.  She was being a bit grumpy, but here are some of them...

 A bit later, Scott got some good smiles when he was talking to her...

Kate, has certainly been my most challenging baby, but she is also such a joy!  She is a cuddler, and I am learning to just sit down and enjoy it!  I feel like we are finally getting into a night time schedule and she has slept great the past 3 nights - so I'm hoping that continues.  We haven't established much of a daytime routine yet.  She kind of eats and sleeps whenever and where ever we are.  It's during the day that she want's to be held and cuddled while she sleeps.  She has started being awake more often during the day, and has started making cute little cooing noises and she works really hard to talk!  I love to sit and watch her try to talk.  Her eyes are a beautful blue(it's hard to tell from the pictures), and every day I wonder what color her hair is going to be. 
It is so fun to watch her grow!  Her brothers are head over heels for her as well.  Adam wants to hold her all the time, and he is so good at it!  Jackson can be found smothering her (literally) with hugs and kisses.  I have to be careful when I leave her in her swing or laying on the couch.  We are all so thrilled to have little Kate as part of our family!


Diane said...

My Ray would only sleep while being held for a long time. I finally mostly had him in a snugli type carrier and that made it a little easier on me. Those babies are heavy!

Sarah said...

I love that out of all those pictures, the ones where she really smiled are the ones she looking at Scott. So sweet. I'm glad she's starting to sleep better and I certainly hope that continues.

The Conrad Family said...

Oh she is so sweet! I wish we could squeeze on her a bit!! When you figure out the sleeping thing let me know the secret! I haven't slept in years!!