Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Melting!

The snow is officially melting around here.  It warmed up and started raining yesterday morning, and there is wetness everywhere.  This morning, I looked out my bedroom window and saw our poor snowman.  We all got a good chuckle!
 Yesterday morning, Scott took the boys sledding for one last time.  Who knows when we'll have sled-worthy snow again, so it was kind of a last hurrah.  Jackson came home looking like this...
 Apparently, he wanted to go down on Adam's sled, which was a bit faster than the one he had been using and didn't tip over quite as easily.  Scott said, he started down the hill, and instead of turning, like he was doing on his own sled, he shot straight like an arrow.  Scott ran after him, and screamed for Adam to try and catch him, but neither of them could get to him in time.  He went under a tree, which is what scrapped his face up, and finally flew off the sled, flipping head over hills, heading straight for the creek.  Luckily, he stopped before falling into the water, but he's got a nice goose egg on his forhead.  Just to show how tough he is, he went down the hill 3 or 4 more times before Scott could convince him that he needed to come home and get cleaned up.  The pictures don't really do his face justice.  He looked pretty nasty when he came walking in. Scott said he's never been more scared than he was as he ran after him, trying to stop him.  But, all is well.  He'll have a bit of a bruise on his forhead for a few days and he's still got the goose egg, but he hasn't complained much, unless he bangs his forehead into something (which he happens to do quite often!)
He wasn't in too much pain - this is what he was doing while I tried to get a good picture of his injuries!  Always a clown, this kid!
We will miss the snow, but it will also be nice to get life back to some sort of normal.  Get Adam back into school and try to get everyone else on a schedule.  I may even be able to start excercising and do better at watching what I'm eating.  To try and keep Adam entertained during the week, we made cookies or treats every day.  Not so good for losing the left over baby fat!  But, it was fun while the snow was here!


The Conrad Family said...

Wow!! Jackson is one tough kid!! It sounds like you guys have had quite the adventures with all of your snow!! Hope life gets back to normal soon!

Laura D said...

That looks like a lot of fun... minus the crashing into a tree! Wait until they are big and crash into trees sledding! Just ask Zach how much fun that is. Megan keeps asking me when we are going to get snow. So far we have had at least one snow day every year we have lived here. So we have hope.

Autumn said...

He is a tough kid! I love boys! Glad he was ok and didn't end up in the creek. That would have been a little cold.