Friday, December 31, 2010

First Movie

If you've read our blog since the beginning, you may remember this blog post about Adam's first visit to the movie theatre.  Last year, we took Adam to see "How to Train Your Dragon", which he LOVED - once he got through the first scene which is a little dark.  We also happened to take Jackson as well, although he was only 3 months old, so it doesn't really count as his first movie.  We decided that we wanted to go see "Tangled", with Grandma & Grandpa Wallis, as well as Grandma & Grandpa Conrad, and Aunt Tiffy.  No one wanted to miss out on this movie, so we thought we would give it a shot with our 15 month old and see how it went.  Luckily, there was no screaming this time.  Jackson didn't have any problems with the noise (Adam still put his hands over his ears during the previews), and he was pretty fascinated at first.  Then he got bored and wanted to walk around and pull the hair of the lady in front of him.  Then he just got tired.  I was able to get him to sleep, and he slept thru most of the movie.  He did pretty good - although I'm not sure if we can really count this one as his first either!  Here are some cute pics, of him before the movie started. 

The real fun started after the movie.  Jackson had been having a little diarrhea the last couple of days, which is actually pretty unusual for him.  He still isn't a very good pooper.  I had wondered if he was getting sick, but he was acting normal, so I didn't think much of it.  After the movie, we decided to head down to Ivars in Mulkiteo for lunch.  We were seated and had just ordered lunch when I thought, "I think Jackson has a poopy diaper".  I went to pick him up and immediately yucky stuff started pouring out of the bottom of his pants.  I didn't have any more diapers, or a change of clothes for the kid, so Tiff and I ran out to the car and headed for home.  I decided to go down the Mukilteo Speedway and onto I-5 because traffic was crazy right around Alderwood Mall.  We were just getting on I-5 when Jackson started screaming.  I turned around briefly to see that he had thrown up all over.  Poor kid!  I'm so glad Tiff had decided to come with me!  We got home and I pulled Jackson out of the car and upstairs to the shower, and Tiff pulled the car seat out and cleaned up the car.  So grateful for my sister!!
Poor Jackson enjoyed his shower and then a nap.  He hadn't been eating much during the day and we kept his diet to a minimum for the New Years Eve celebrations.  Hopefully the flu or whatever he has will pass quickly, and no one else gets it - including all the guests we've had in an out of the house!  Happy New Year to Jackson!!

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Diane said...

Debby did that once when I was at the vets with a sick cat. Let's just say the vet was NOT happy. Like I could help it. No fun.