Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We normally spend Christmas Eve at my parents home for a nice dinner and then some Christmas Eve traditions.  Scott decided to work this year on Christmas Eve, for a couple of reasons - 1. He needed to pick his parents up from the airport at 8:30, and work is much closer to the airport than home. The restaurant was closing at 7pm, so the timing was perfect and 2. He could then take some extra time off the following week to spend with his parents.  So, Scott went to work, and Adam and Jackson and I headed to my parents house to see Tiff and celebrate Christmas Eve.  It was a quiet celebration - Hyrum was working and Daris and Rachael went to Sequim to spend the holiday with Rachael's family.  So, it was just Me, Tiff, mom, dad and the boys.
Adam and Jackson love my mom's Christmas carousel.  Adam kept turning on the music and Jackson would run over and flop onto his belly to watch.  The thing plays about 20 Christmas songs, and I think we probably heard each song about 20 times that day!  Here's Jackson pointing out all the cute animals to Grandma.
 After dinner, my dad read the Christmas story and we did our nativity thing (we each choose a piece of the nativity and then take turns talking about why that person or animal is important, or what we like best about them).  And then, finally, we got to open a present.  It was, of course PJs - which Adam was not too happy about.  He came over and whipered in my ear "that's not the present I wanted to open, Mom".   He had been disappointed earlier that morning that it wasn't the day to open presents....
 Jackson helps Tiffy open her PJs.
 And he helps Grandma open her present.  She didn't get PJs this year - she got a new stocking.  Tiffiny  and I bought her a new stocking last Christmas, and Tiff spent all year putting it together.  It turned out so cute, and Grandma was so surprised. 
 Here's my cute boys in the PJs.
 And Tiff and I with the boys.
After getting cozy in our PJs, the boys and I headed home.  We had convinced Adam that Santa was going to drop off Grandma and Grandpa Wallis on his way through.  He even believed that they were going to get into the house by coming down the chimney!  So funny!  I was surprised that both boys went to bed easily and I was pretty hopeful they would sleep through the night - silly me....

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