Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

I was so hopeful when Adam went to bed so easily Christmas Eve.  He had been so excited all day that Santa was coming that night, by bedtime, he was exhausted.  I thought maybe he'd sleep through the night.  Boy was I wrong!  He woke up at 1am, went to the bathroom and then came in our room to ask if Santa had come yet.  We told him to go back to bed.  This happened about 5 times in the next two hours.  I finally decided to go lay in bed with him, hoping that I could calm him down and he'd go back to sleep.  That didn't work either - I gave up at 5 and sent Scott in.  I'm not sure what Scott did, but Adam was aslepp by 5:30 (I should have sent him in at 3...)  He then slept until 8:30 when he got up and came running into our room asking if Santa had come yet.  We sent him in to wake up Grandma and Grandpa Wallis and then we all headed downstairs.
Santa did indeed stop by our house.  Adam got what he most wanted a "hot wheels criss-cross, criss-cross-crash"! 

 Jackson briefly looked at the stuff that was left for him. 
 Checking out the stocking

 Santa brough Jackson a little bag.  He promptly filled it up with stuff and carried it around.
 After stockings, we had some breakfast while we waited for Uncle Brian to come over to open presents. 
Jackson was a champ at opening presents!
 He had so much fun, he just went from one person to the next opening everyone elses presents!
 Scott's sister, Sarah sent Adam a box of action figures.  Jackson had fun pulling them out of the box one by one and saying "wowwww" at each one.
 Adam's most favorite present.... a pillow pet from Daris and Rachael.  I wish Scott had taken a picture when he opened this present!  His whole face lit up.  He's  been wanting a pillow pet for several months.  He named him Comet and carries this guy around everywhere! 
 Jackosn opening his pillow pet.
 And here we see all the carnage.  Jackson was in wrapping paper heaven!
 Later in the afternoon, my parents, Tiff and Hyrum came over for a couple of hours.  Jackson liked Hyrum's hat.
 We had a great day hanging out with family, eating good food, and just enjoying each other's company.  It was a great day to stay in our PJs!

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