Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

We spent family home evening the Sunday before Halloween carving our pumpkins.  We decided to try it on the kitchen floor so Jackson could participte too.  He was actually pretty in to it!  He tried several times to eat the goo and seeds, but really had fun just squishing his fingers through the goo. 
Adam did a really good job cleaning out his pumpkin and then told dad how he wanted his pumpkin carved. 
 Jackson is ready to dive right in!
I was hoping for a better picture out on the front porch, but I thought this one was kind of funny! 
 Here we all are!
 And here is the closeup of the carvings.  Scott did a fabulous job again!  I think the nose on Adam's is so funny.  He really wanted his to have a big nose!  When Scott was finished, Adam used a little saw and started making little cuts in the top.  Both Scott and I thought he was going to ruin it, but it actually turned out pretty cool with the slits at the top.
 Since Halloween was on Sunday, we opted to not go trick-or-treating that day.  We were a little sad that it would be our first Halloween since Adam was a year old that we didn't spend it with our neighbors, the Terry's.  Our ward does a trunk-or-treat every year,which we have never attended - we decided this year would be a good year to attend - for two reasons... 1. The trunk-or-treat was held on Saturday and we could get trick-or-treating in for Adam and 2. I am the activities committee chairman in the ward, so I had to be there.  (good reason - huh!)  So, we decided to invite the Terry's to the trunk-or-treat. 
It actually ended up being really fun.  It was super crowded!  There are normally 3 wards in our building who all do the trunk-or-treat together, but one of the buildings in our Stake recently burned down, so the two wards that met in that building had to find new homes and one of them is now meeting in our building.  (So, yes, we have 4 wards in our building - fun times!!) So, at the last minute, we invited that ward to join us for the trunk-or-treat.  There were probably close to 400 families in attendance (we went through over 500 cups for the hot chocolate).  The trunks went all the way around the building and then some.  Adam's pumpkin bucket was full to the brim and overflowing with candy.  The Terry's had so much fun that they are ready to join us agan next year!  Scott and Jeff have already started planning a joint trunk decorating venture!
Here is the annual costume picture! 
 Jackson was super fascinated by everything around him.  He had lots of fun practicing his walking and just watching all the craziness.
Happy Halloween!

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Kristin said...

Super cute boys! Sounds like a fun time!