Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up

I'm not sure what's happened, I was doing so well - and then September happened! I have a long list of things that I am planning to add to our blog (September is a busy month around here!!) - and I will do that over the next couple of days. This little blog has become my journal, and I'm feeling a little sad that I've slacked off! I really enjoy going back and reading about the things we've been doing, and I love looking at the pictures (which is why all of my posts have so many pictures in them!) What better way to keep a journal! I've been researching several different websites that can be used to have your blog printed in book format, and am planning to give that a try, soon! I didn't do baby books for my boys and I don't scrap book, so I'm hoping to be able to print my blog so my boys will have a journal of sorts from me when they get older. (Poor Adam - I started too late for his first couple of years!)
Anyway - just wanted to let me readers know that there will be some back dated posts coming up, so don't be surprised if something appears on September 13th, even though we have started into October!!

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TheFischerFam said...

I am right there with you. I missed half of the year. I have a huge gap between April and September. I tried to do a catch up post, but it just isn't the same. I started again because I love going back and reading about our life as well.

Have you checked out Blurb for printing your blog. They are a great price and a great quality book and it is pretty easy. I started using blurb to create a book from my 2007 to 2008 blogs. I haven't finished yet because I need to go back and find some of the pictures. The ones that get brought in from the blog are not always the highest quality (especially if you want them to be bigger then a thumbnail).

Good luck getting your books printed. I think they will be priceless.