Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bakugon Battles and THE MONSTER!!

Adam loves anything Bakugon!  Every night before bed, he makes sure that all of his bakugons are lined up and ready for the next day.  They help protect him as he sleeps from bad dreams and other undesirable things that could happen in the night.  (Scott's sister, Laura sent him the awesome circle, that is actually supposed to be used when playing the game - but Adam hasn't quite figured out the whole game thing yet, so it's the bakugon headquarters sign!)
 This morning as I was helping Adam button his shirt for church, he was telling me all about his bakugons.  He has named several of them, very weird names like R2, garbage can, drago (which is the actual name of one from the cartoon), spinner, blaster and several more that I can't remember (I need to have him tell me sometime so I can record them all).  The amazing thing is that he remembers all of their names and talks about them and what the are good at and what they do during the days.  It's pretty entertaining to hear him talk about them.  In the middle of our conversation Adam suddenly said, "Oh no - it's the monster!!"  Can anyone guess who/what the monster is????
 Here he comes!
 The monster loves bakugons as well.  Any chance he has to get his hands on one, he'll take it.  They often end up in the monsters mouth, because when they are folded up into balls, they are the perfect size and shape!
 Adam says that the bakugons get really quiet and are unable to talk when the monster comes in the room.  They are too scared to say anything!  (how can anyone be scared of this cute face?)
 The monster proceeds to pick up the bakugons and toss them aside.  He works his way from one end of the table to the other.
 Leaving a path of destruction in his wake.
 The bakugons are all stunned into silence!
This is why no babies are allowed in Adam's room.
(Disclaimer: no bakugons were injured in the production of this blog post)

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Kristin said...

Hilarious! I loved this post. My boys think they want a baby around...Those bakugons never knew what hit them :)