Sunday, October 17, 2010

Punkins at the Pumpkin patch

We have been blessed with perfect fall weather here in Washington.  Fall is definitely my favorite season - especially here!!  The mornings and evenings are little chilly and you can feel a little crispness in the air!  When the sun shines, the sky is bright blue and the leaves are beautiful as they turn from green to red and orange and yellow.  The colors are amazing up against the green of the pine trees.  There isn't a better place to live!  Saturday was one of those perfect days!  The sun was shining, as it has been all week.  There was a little nip in the air, but not enough that you needed a heavy jacket.  We decided it was the perfect day for a trip to the pumpkin patch.  One of Scott's employees had told him about a place out in Snohomish called "Bob's Corn".  He thought it sounded pretty cool, so we found the address and set out with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was a great place and we had so much fun!!
We found it pretty easy and were surprised at how many people had the same idea we did!  We parked and headed up to the farm to check everything out.
It was amazing to watch this guy carve these pumpkins! 
 We took a hay ride down to the big pumpkin patch.  Jackson didn't like the hay ride - I think the tractor was too noisy for him.  He was very glad to get off!  The hay ride took us to this great big pumpkin patch that you could walk through to find the perfect pumpkins.  Adam, of course found a mud puddle to play in as soon as we got off the hay ride!  (You can see the corn field in the background.  There was a big corn maze, and Adam wanted to go in so bad!!  He kept begging to go through the maze.  When Scott went to check it out, they told him it was over 2 miles long from beginning to end, so we decided not to try it out.  Adam was not very happy!)
 Jackson loved the pumpkins!  He still isn't quite walking yet, but we took him out of the stroller since there wasn't much mud.  He crawled over to this pumpkin and didn't want to leave!
 Adam found a great big pumpkin that he thought was the perfect one.  It was too big and heavy, so Grandpa helped him carry it over to the wheelbarrow.
 After more looking around, Adam decided he wanted this little bitty one instead.  He could carry this one all by himself!
 We pried Jackson away from the big pumpkin (kicking and screaming!), but soon put him down next to another one.  While we searched for the perfect pumpkins, Jackson enjoyed stripping the leaves off of the plants and banging on the pumpkins closest to him.
 Here we are with our pumpkins.
Apparently, the stem of the pumpkin tastes pretty good - just ask Jackson!
 After tearing Jackson away from the pumpkin stem (there are little teeth marks on that stem!), he was ready to get a move on!  He tried pretty hard to move this thing!!
 We decided to walk back to the farm instead of listening to Jackson scream on the hayride.  Over at the farm they had a fun playground and a bunch of other things for kids.  Adam got a pumpkin painted on his cheek.
 He also enjoyed a pony ride. 
 And we all enjoyed some delicious roasted corn!  It was so yummy!  I think Jackson enjoyed it the corn more than any of us.  He didn't want to give it up!
 It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful October afternoon! 

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