Thursday, September 2, 2010

Natures Bounty

We are very lucky to be part of a local bulk buy group! The group leader works miracles for us every summer and we are able to buy produce, meat and even grains and other things from local farmers. Because our garden has been less than productive this year, I have been taking advantage of the opportunities to buy yummy food, and practicing my preserving skills. The past two weeks have been spent making and canning spaghetti sauce and canning tomatoes - 39 pints of spaghetti sauce, and 15 pints of diced tomatoes from 75 pounds of tomatoes. This is a picture of the second batch.
I've also put our food deydrator to good work. So far, I've dehydrated 50 pounds of peaches, and 25 pounds of Ginger Gold apples (the BEST apples for dehydrating)
I have 40 pounds of Red Bartlett Pears sitting in the front room waiting for their turn, and will be picking up 10 dozen ears of corn for canning later in the week. I'm hoping to get some beans as well.
I've done some canning and preserving in the past, but this has by far been the most canning I have ever done. I took a class early in the summer and learned how to pressure can meats and have done some chicken as well. I'm looking forward to adding some soups and other things to our food storage during the winter months.


Laura D said...

Wow! That is a lot of canning! We have a big garden and I don't get that much canned. What size is your dehydrator?

adam's favorite aunt said...

I think you need to share the dried apples, peaches, and pears with me :)

Tammy said...

Laura - I have just a little Nesco dehydrator. It has 5 trays. After this summer, I've decided I need a bigger one! It has taken way too many batches to get all that fruit dried! I'm gonna save my pennies!