Sunday, September 12, 2010

A 5-Year Old Birthday Squirt Party

It's amazing to me that Adam will be 5 years old tomorrow! Where has the time gone? This boy has grown up so fast, and is such a joy to have in our family!
Adam really wanted to have a water fight party - and so, we made some invitations, invited a few friends, and crossed our fingers that the weather would co-operate! Adam picked out the picture for the invitations!
We invited 5 friends, and told the parents that we were having a squirt party and that we were going to try and make sure no one got really wet, but to bring a change of clothes - just in case! The weather co-operated in that it didn't rain, and the sun actually shone a little bit while we played outside. It was only about 65 degrees, which was a little chilly for my taste.
We gave each kid a water squirter and did some practice squirting while trying to pop bubbles.
Then, we had a couple of races. Like, squirting a balloon from one side of the yard to another. Little did we know that those darn balloons would keep popping! Soon it became who can get their balloon across the yard before it pops. I think only 2 balloon made it.
Then we raced to see who could fill out their bucket with water first and squirt the rubber ducky out.
And, last we did some target shooting to see who could knock all of the army guys off of the toys.
This soon deteriorated into shooting Brother Wallis...
which soon became shooting Sister Wallis...
not even the camera woman was safe!! (Sorry Grandma - but great picture!!) We ended with squirting the birthday boy - Adam thought this was the best fun ever! (I think it's so funny that Adam's buddy Xander tried to protect him from every one else, instead of squirting him! You can see him with the yellow squirter ready for a fight!)
Turns out it was a good thing we asked parents to send an extra set of clothes. By the time we were done, we were all soaked and shivering!!
After changing into dry clothes, the kids enjoyed some hot chocolate with marshmellows and whipped cream. It was a great way to warm up!
After hot chocolate, Adam opened his presents. It's so fun to watch kids at this age. They are all so excited to see what is being opened!! Adam got some great new toys from his friends!
After presents, Adam blew out 5 candles on his cake and everyone got a cupcake to eat. Adam wanted a bakugon cake. This is as close as I could get. He was super excited to get some new bakugons after they were washed off!!
We had so much fun celebrating Adam's birthday with his friends! It was fun to hear the kids talk about it at church today! They all thought it was great to get to squirt brother and sister Wallis with water! Adam's official birthday is coming up on Monday, which is also his first day of Pre-K. I can't believe he is 5 years old!!

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Donna Mae said...

What a great party. I wish I was five.