Friday, September 17, 2010

Adam's Special Pre-K Day

Adam started Pre-K on his birthday this year! He is the oldest in his class, which he will just have to get used too! He is going to a co-op preschool, which means that the parents (usually moms) are very involved in the school. He goes three days a week, and one of those days, I get to go with him and help at the school. I go on Thursdays, so on the Thursday of his first week of preschool, Adam had his "Special Day". This was a new thing for Adam! At the school orientation the week before, I was given a littlbe blue backpack that contained a teddy bear named Wembly. Adam got to spend the week with Wembly, and then write a story about it. Wembly also helped to make a "special day" banner. Adam laid down on a piece of butcher paper, and I traced him. He then colored the picture and we wrote down some of his favorite things. Then at school, his banner was hung up, and the teacher told everyone all about Adam.
This isn't a very good picture, but this is the banner.

This is Adam sitting on the special chair with Wembly. Teacher Judy is sitting next to him, reading his Wembly story to the other kids.

Here's is Adam's story (they encouraged us to just write down whatever the kids say, and not edit it - so this is it!!)
"I got Wembly out of the bag and had lots of fun with him. I threw him up in the air and he really liked it!!
I put the Superman clothes on him and then he wore his pajamas at bed time."

"We had a fun tiime having pictures. My mom let me take the pictures by myself!"

"We had lost of fun, and shared a snack before we went to bed. We had M&Ms and something else I can't remember."

"I took Wembly to see my new cousin, Robyn. I holded Robyn and Wembly, and they were squirming. It was tricky to hold them both at the same time. My mom helped me."
"I love Wembly and I'm really going to miss him! I had a lot of fun with him!"
It was a fun way for Adam to start his preschool year. He was pretty excited to be the first one to have his "special day", and to get a special bear for a week.