Sunday, November 29, 2009

Great Grandma!

My Grandma Couch travelled up from Idaho Falls to spend Thanksgiving with us and to attend Jackson's blessing. It was very special to have her here! Thanks for coming Great Grandma!!

Blessing Day

Jackson Carl Wallis was blessed today. It was a special day. Scott did a wonderful job giving him his name and blessing. He was blessed with many wonderful things, including an understanding of his name and that he would have similar attributes to his Great Grandfathers, who he is named after. I am so greatful for the Priesthood, and for a husband who honors and uses that Priesthood. I am also greatful for this special sprit that Heavenly Father has entrusted to us here on the earth. He is definately a special little boy.

Here are my two precious boys! Love them both so much!!

Thanks to Nate and Shae for loaning us the blessing outfit. It fit perfectly!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have so many things to be thankful for! Number one on that list is my family! I feel so blessed to have two healthy and strong boys, a loving husband, wonderful parents and parents-in-law, and amazing siblings! We had a great Thanksgiving. We spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa Conrad's house where the boys played some Turkey Bowl football, and watched the Dallas Cowboys tromp on the Oakland Raiders. There was wonderful food and great company. We were lucky again this year to have my Grandma Couch come spend the holiday with us, as well as my sister, Tiffiny. It was fun to have more family than normal to spend the day with.

Here is the annual Dallas Cowboy family photo.
Jackson spent some time talking to Great Grandma after dinner. He is really starting to find his voice and it's so fun to sit and talk to him!Grandma, Adam and Great Grandma played a rousing game of Go Fish while we waited for the football game to end so we could eat.
While we cleaned up from dinner, Adam watched "The Little Mermaid". I think he likes Ariel!
Thanksgiving is such a nice relaxing holiday, and it always signifies (for me at least) the start to the best holiday season. I am thankful to be starting this season where we remember and celebrate the birth of our Savior. It truly is the best time of the year! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Turkey Bowl

One thing Thanksgiving means at our house is FOOTBALL. Growing up, I remember watching many turkey bowls played up on the muddy football field at Kamiakin Junior High. Scott decided to insititute the first annual Wallis Family Turkey Bowl this year. It wasn't played on a muddy field, it was played in Grandpa's backyard - but it was still fun! Adam had a blast! I wish these pictures captured the joy on his face! It was seriously priceless! He had so much fun running with the ball and tackling everyone. He played with Dad, Grandpa Conrad, Uncle Daris and Uncle Hyrum. A good time was enjoyed by all! (Sorry, I don't know how to do anything fancy with the pictures besides just lining them all up! I seriously need blogging lessons!!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Months Old

Jackson hit the two month mark on Saturday, November 21st. It's been a fast two months! He saw the doctor on Monday for a checkup and he's a healthy boy!
Height: 24.5 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 14 pounds 12 ounces (97th percentile)
S0, he has gained almost 6 pounds and grown 3 inches in two months. As the doctor said "he's a big boy!"
Here are some pictures demonstrating the many things he has learned over the past month!
The first is his smile. It's the best smile! SO CUTE!! It took both Scott and I to try and capture it on camera...
And the opposite of a smile - a frown. We were really trying to capture his pouty lip. He can really stick that bottom lip out when he isn't happy - which isn't really very often. He's usually a very happy and content baby.
He's become quite proficient at bubble blowing. Look closely at the picture, he's got a big mound of bubbles on his mouth.
He's been focusing his eyes for several weeks now. He loves to sit in his swing and watch the fishies go around in a cirlce.
Sitting with his brother. (Adam likes to pose with him and say "take a picture, Mommy)
He's always been a good sneezer - but Scott captured this one on camera. Good catch dad!
Here's another sitting up picture. He needed a little extra support so he wouldn't fall over. (those pillows make him look small!!)
Chewing on his hand. We often hear him sucking away in the middle of the night. We're wondering if he's gonna be a thumb sucker. He likes to find his hand.
I can't believe he's two months old already. Time sure has flown by, but we have quickly become accustomed to being a family of four. I can't imagine life without him anymore.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Phone calls with Grandma!

Grandma Wallis called today, just to talk to Adam. They talked for a good half hour - probably longer. It was fun to listen on this end. I'm not sure how much Grandma understood (Adam's speech is getting much better, but he's still hard to understand on the phone). These are the things Adam told Grandma about:
  • the nerf gun he got as a toy in his McDonalds happy meal.
  • Optimus Prime and Megatron
  • If you Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • going to school at Jenna's house
  • monsters
  • "I sick" and then he demonstrated his cough.
  • Jackson ("hims sleeping")
  • How to shoot monsters and bad guys (he is SUCH a boy!!)
  • Lightning McQueen ("hims a race car")
  • the sword game (Adam loves to play Wii Sports Resort)
  • Robots ("I'm not a robot, I'm a kid! I'm not a kid robot, I'm a Adam kid. You're not a Grandma robot. Grandma's are not Grandma robots. You're Grandma Wallis." This conversation went on for quite some time!)
  • Robots and bad guys ("Robots are tricky and some bad guys are tricky")

There was much more. I wish I could have heard Grandma's side. It sure was a funny conversation from this end. Thanks Grandma for calling and talking to Adam. He LOVED it!!

This is a picture of Adam on the phone with Grandma. He was leaning up against the armoir with his chin in his hands, but when he saw me, I think he thought he was in trouble for standing on the desk and he started to move. I just had to take a picture, it was so cute!! If you're wondering why we have this armoire in our front room, it's because we just got a new TV and TV stand. I've posted the armoire for sale on Craigslist. Just waiting to get it out of the front room!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Jackson is a cuddly baby. He sleeps really well when he's being held. Apparently, Scott sleeps really well when he's holding a baby too! I just love this picture!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bath Time!

We gave Jackson his first at home bath about a week after we got home from the hosptial. He didn't like it! He screamed the whole time! So, ever since, Jackson has been showering with his dad, which he seems to have enjoyed. Well, last night, Scott was working late, and Jackson was in need of some cleaning - so I decided to try a bath with his older brother and Jackson loved it! Adam was very sweet and gentle holding him and splashing water over his belly. Every once in awhile he would get carried away and splash in his face, but Jackson didn't seem to mind.
I, of course, had to take pictures and post them for those who are far away. Sorry if you're offended by naked baby pictures - but we covered up the most private parts!!

Aren't they cute laying next to eachother??

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mice and Cookies

This has been a favorite book of Adam's - along with "If you give a Pig a Pancake" for quite awhile. There were several weeks (or maybe even months) when we had to read at least one of them every night before going to bed. We read the mouse book last and Adam has most of it memorized! So, when his preschool group talked about going to see the play, we were very excited! We ventured down to Seattle to the Seattle Children's Theatre at Seattle Center. Our group was very lucky and we got front row seats! The play was fantastic! It was so fun to see the book come to life! And it was even more fun to watch the kids watch the play! They had huge smiles on their faces and they laughed and laughed. The best part was when the mouse was hanging his picture on the refridgerator. He ends up climbing on top of it. While he was in the process, Adam leaned over to me and said "That's not safe!!" It was hilarious! It was also the first thing he told his Grandma about the play - that climbing on top of the refridgerator is not safe. I don't remember having that discussion with him - put somehow he's learned that lesson!!
So, Adam's first experience with a play was a huge success. We will definately try it again, and hopefully he will grow up enjoying the "theatre".

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adam's first suit

Grandma Wallis bought Adam his first suit for his 4th birthday. Isn't he a handsome boy? Thanks Grandma!!