Friday, November 20, 2009

Phone calls with Grandma!

Grandma Wallis called today, just to talk to Adam. They talked for a good half hour - probably longer. It was fun to listen on this end. I'm not sure how much Grandma understood (Adam's speech is getting much better, but he's still hard to understand on the phone). These are the things Adam told Grandma about:
  • the nerf gun he got as a toy in his McDonalds happy meal.
  • Optimus Prime and Megatron
  • If you Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • going to school at Jenna's house
  • monsters
  • "I sick" and then he demonstrated his cough.
  • Jackson ("hims sleeping")
  • How to shoot monsters and bad guys (he is SUCH a boy!!)
  • Lightning McQueen ("hims a race car")
  • the sword game (Adam loves to play Wii Sports Resort)
  • Robots ("I'm not a robot, I'm a kid! I'm not a kid robot, I'm a Adam kid. You're not a Grandma robot. Grandma's are not Grandma robots. You're Grandma Wallis." This conversation went on for quite some time!)
  • Robots and bad guys ("Robots are tricky and some bad guys are tricky")

There was much more. I wish I could have heard Grandma's side. It sure was a funny conversation from this end. Thanks Grandma for calling and talking to Adam. He LOVED it!!

This is a picture of Adam on the phone with Grandma. He was leaning up against the armoir with his chin in his hands, but when he saw me, I think he thought he was in trouble for standing on the desk and he started to move. I just had to take a picture, it was so cute!! If you're wondering why we have this armoire in our front room, it's because we just got a new TV and TV stand. I've posted the armoire for sale on Craigslist. Just waiting to get it out of the front room!


Laura D said...

That is very cute!

The Conrad Family said...

That is priceless! I just love Adam!