Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Months Old

Jackson hit the two month mark on Saturday, November 21st. It's been a fast two months! He saw the doctor on Monday for a checkup and he's a healthy boy!
Height: 24.5 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 14 pounds 12 ounces (97th percentile)
S0, he has gained almost 6 pounds and grown 3 inches in two months. As the doctor said "he's a big boy!"
Here are some pictures demonstrating the many things he has learned over the past month!
The first is his smile. It's the best smile! SO CUTE!! It took both Scott and I to try and capture it on camera...
And the opposite of a smile - a frown. We were really trying to capture his pouty lip. He can really stick that bottom lip out when he isn't happy - which isn't really very often. He's usually a very happy and content baby.
He's become quite proficient at bubble blowing. Look closely at the picture, he's got a big mound of bubbles on his mouth.
He's been focusing his eyes for several weeks now. He loves to sit in his swing and watch the fishies go around in a cirlce.
Sitting with his brother. (Adam likes to pose with him and say "take a picture, Mommy)
He's always been a good sneezer - but Scott captured this one on camera. Good catch dad!
Here's another sitting up picture. He needed a little extra support so he wouldn't fall over. (those pillows make him look small!!)
Chewing on his hand. We often hear him sucking away in the middle of the night. We're wondering if he's gonna be a thumb sucker. He likes to find his hand.
I can't believe he's two months old already. Time sure has flown by, but we have quickly become accustomed to being a family of four. I can't imagine life without him anymore.

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The Conrad Family said...

No fair!! He is only three pounds lighter than Asher was at his one year check-up! At the rate he is going he will bypass him SOON!! He really is so adorable! I wish I could meet him in person but until then I just keep loving all of these cute pictures! Thanks for sharing them! Kiss those boys for me! Love ya!