Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mice and Cookies

This has been a favorite book of Adam's - along with "If you give a Pig a Pancake" for quite awhile. There were several weeks (or maybe even months) when we had to read at least one of them every night before going to bed. We read the mouse book last and Adam has most of it memorized! So, when his preschool group talked about going to see the play, we were very excited! We ventured down to Seattle to the Seattle Children's Theatre at Seattle Center. Our group was very lucky and we got front row seats! The play was fantastic! It was so fun to see the book come to life! And it was even more fun to watch the kids watch the play! They had huge smiles on their faces and they laughed and laughed. The best part was when the mouse was hanging his picture on the refridgerator. He ends up climbing on top of it. While he was in the process, Adam leaned over to me and said "That's not safe!!" It was hilarious! It was also the first thing he told his Grandma about the play - that climbing on top of the refridgerator is not safe. I don't remember having that discussion with him - put somehow he's learned that lesson!!
So, Adam's first experience with a play was a huge success. We will definately try it again, and hopefully he will grow up enjoying the "theatre".

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Kristin said...

Our school class went to that too and they ALL loved it and laughed and laughed.