Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bath Time!

We gave Jackson his first at home bath about a week after we got home from the hosptial. He didn't like it! He screamed the whole time! So, ever since, Jackson has been showering with his dad, which he seems to have enjoyed. Well, last night, Scott was working late, and Jackson was in need of some cleaning - so I decided to try a bath with his older brother and Jackson loved it! Adam was very sweet and gentle holding him and splashing water over his belly. Every once in awhile he would get carried away and splash in his face, but Jackson didn't seem to mind.
I, of course, had to take pictures and post them for those who are far away. Sorry if you're offended by naked baby pictures - but we covered up the most private parts!!

Aren't they cute laying next to eachother??


Sarah Ragatz said...

That's really cute. I can't believe how big Jackson looks already!

The Conrad Family said...

What cute boys! Jackson is getting so big! I love his little round face and chunky cheeks! They both just so adorable!